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Sharing: Tokyo Trip May 2008

  • Jun. 13th, 2008 at 4:29 PM
Haven't update for ages. 
Sorry about it. It has been a very busy month, for me.
I was preparing for interviews, trips, visits, lessons etc.
By the way, I just took my dance lesson. 
And it was soooooo confusing, probably because I've missed last lesson.
I totally messed up all my moves in front of the whole class. 
Can't blame me, I didnt know the moves AT ALL.
It was really embarassing.......+__+ nyaaa....owell, i should get over it.

Anyway....onto my Tokyo Trip sharing!!!!!
To make my entry more interesting I decided to add in pics....hehe. 
Probably better than an entry filled with text right?

Day 1: Hong Kong/Shinjuku (Arrival)


Haha...first of all, me and my breakfast at the Marco Polo Lounge 
at the Hong Kong International Airport....i look tired. I woke up
like 5 sth am in the morning....=___='''

Speaking of which, if some of you haven't ever been
to the HK international Airport~~~
Ta-dah...I think it was one of the Top3 Airports in the world...~~
My dad's pushing the luggage trolley :D

On plane, immediately check out 
what Jpop songs they recommend....
hmm...okay there's only one JE song in here
and that's "LIPS" by KAT-TUN~~~
i think i was bored enough to review them one by one....lol.

Speaking of which, I had to mention this...
I was mistaken as a Japanese on the plane,
this hostress thought I was Jap and talked to me in Japanese....
and her japanese was POOR....lol...she said "sumimasai" to me...
and I told her I wasn't Jap...whilst I was thinking "it should be sumimasen"....

My Airplane FOOD....I thought it was OK. Like average.
I've eaten worse...much worse....
In case ur wondering, the plane i took was Cathay Pacific...

Yeah.....around 4 hrs reached Narita~~~
This was the view that I saw from the plane window~~ 
Kireii da naaaa....* v *

Another incident, was mistaken as a Japanese again....
walked out of the plane....and this male flight attendent 
said "arigatou gozaimasu" to me as I stepped out....
and I was thinking..."I am not a Japanese girl~~~~!!"
Maybe my makeup made me look like one...*shrugs*

Took this Airport Limousine instead of the Narita Express....
Recommended form of transportation to get to hotel from airport~
It took only 1 1/2 hours...pretty quick and convenient.

Vending machines...I  <3 Japan's vending machines...
all the drinks have colourful designs....so pretty!
I wish drinks in HK are as half interesting as these...=_=''
ick, the pic is kinda blurry....

One of the many random pics that I took during the ride....

In fact the hotel I stayed at was the Hyatt Regency....at Shinjuku
pretty pricey but extremely comfortable hotel + convenient location, 
the Tokyo Metro was right beneath the hotel....
Anyway....these are the famous chandeliers of the hotel....
Kinki Kids "Anniversary" single....was actually took in here...
the second time i've stayed in this hotel~~~

First thing when I got into the hotel room...
is to check out TV programmes...~~~~
ohhkkiieee so I found out Shounen Club Premium was on air...
and the guests were KAT-TUN...as shown in the pic....
the credits were already rolling....=_='''

Gahh...okay I need to stop in here for the time being.
Will continue the update very soon.
The uploading is SOOOO slow...=_=~!!