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ohhh no...

  • Jun. 24th, 2008 at 2:03 AM
Yamamoto Yusuke aka. Aura Guy


just received my copy of Yuichi's PB on Saturday...

and now...just found out that....*drumrolls*

Yusuke is going to release his 2nd PB on 5th Sept this year....( crap i feel like crying. i thought i would be happy??)

i need to stop spending money on clothes, accessories, cosmetics, shoes, DVDs....from now on....
like stuff that are not important.

Okay. I can do this.
Not spending $$$$ on stupid things during summer hols...

its like 30 sth degrees in Hong Kong anyway...which really kills my interest in doing shopping....
okay maybe I should indulge myself in some activities that does not require $$$$$$.....

1. swimming at clubhouse

2. Sleep more. Relax.

3. Hit the clubhouse gym.

4. Read. Revise.

Note to self: Can only buy 2 Japanese magazines per month. No more than that.
(Cant choose whether to buy PINKY or RAY....=___=or maybe i should stop buying CanCam....or should not 
buy PINKY because its not my style anyway...but i love that pwetty model....=____=)