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Bought magazines + Yusuke blog translations

  • Jul. 19th, 2007 at 3:03 PM
Yamamoto Yusuke aka. Aura Guy
Okay. I am SO tired now.
Screaming tired.

Woke up dead early this morning.
Had 3 hours straight of AL economics tutorial lesson.
Rode on bus. 
Couldn't stop myself...
Went to buy MAGAZINES that feat. Yusuke.

So I bought the latest issue of "Seventeen" and "Myojo"(not really latest...owell).
Was sweating like hell...took lunch on my own.
Flipped open "Seventeen"...and was dead depressed.
Because I was like "Hey, why isn't Yusuke modelling any Yukata...while his kouhai is modelling one...O_O".
I was like dead pissed...
And then flipped...
And literally, moi went XDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!
I nearly sprayed rice on the magazine, choked on my food whatever...
Because there was this mini story feat in the mag...with YUSUKE xDDD
Riding on a bike....with a girl on his back....and then looking really "RABU RABU".
It was soooo adorable.
And then there was VOL.7 of Yusuke Cafe. Great. 
Photos of him enjoying food. 
The food was waffle with ice-cream on the top.
Aww...I love guys who love eating sweets stuff.
I adore sweet stuff too. <3
He was pouting whilst eating. CUTE.
Speaking of which, I ate the exact same thing few days ago..LOL.

So I think I missed around 5 VOLs of Yusuke Cafe...= _=
And then I tried reading....(quite a bit of language constraint)

So teen girls can apparantly send Yusuke e-mails about their personal problems!?
OMG. Yusuke is HAWT/ a cutie...
But never ask this bebe about solving problems...LOL.
I don't think that is quite right, IMO.
Its sooo funny though....because I see him more of a person who loves himself ALOT.
And would rather spent time enhancing his looks..than reading some gurl's problems...and 
reply their e-mails to help them???? ehhhhh?

I think I have to research a bit on that personality aspect.
Maybe I'm wrong. 
I know how people shouldn't judge others by looks.
But this bebe really LOVES HIMSELF A LOT.
You can FEEL IT.
Don't hate me for writing this.

Speaking of which, I love his choice of clothes in photoshoots...
I think he dressed himself...usually in his photoshoots...
The stylist usually knows how to bring out his tan...
But in his own blog, he looks so pale...
Maybe his camera/cell sucks...the megapixels or sth...
Sometimes it scares me...

Omg...this Myojo issue is a MUST buy. With Kinki Kids on the cover.
Koichi D. looks soooo good. But anyway, back on Yusuke.
There was a mini history about Yusuke's life....
LOL. He's only 19..but anyway,
He mentioned how he was so short during his junior high years...and was teased.
And now he's standing 180cm....HAHAHA. 
He's probably thinking "TAKE THAT...bullies.."
Haha. Good for him. He seems to be really satisfied about his life.
The photoshoot was gorgeous. He looked amazing in the article.
WIth his hana kimi hair. 
But he looks pretty different back then...
More like gangster version of Yusuke...LOL.
I'm even more convinced that good hairstyles can bring this best out of you.

Moving on....
I decided to do free Yusuke blog translations...
For my lj friends/for fangirls who don't understand what his blog is saying and also for my own convenience...
I might need to read them back as reference in the future.hahaha...
I am crazy.

So anyway....do forgive me if I translated it wrongly...feel free to correct me. I don't mind being bashed.




Good morning!!!! Today, woke up early and found out that I have over 1000 comments, I feel so touched!!! 
Really thankful for the support on the last entry!!! A BIG thank you to all!!! 


Well basically, he was mentioning how his own frustrations, problems can be all sorted out, out of his fans support...and wants minna to continue to support him. (Very good mannered and polite in here.)


Continues to thank everyone for supporting him...he felt really happy with all the support. Even though he worked till evening...extremely exhausted, he didn't let the tired feeling overwhelm him and managed to continue to work hard and concentrate during his job.


Mentioned how he hanged out with Kimura Ryo (fellow co-star in Hana Kimi)...
Also, mentioned how he continued to cooperate, perservering....understanding other people's needs...
He said how he lodge with other casts in the middle o f the night yesterday...
and felt like going back to the days of jr. high....

(LOL. Okay, so maybe I'm wrong about his personality...haha, but you can never know...right?)


And afterwards, he explained the photo feat. in his blog entry....
(Yamamoto Yusuke wearing Yukata).

Moi's remarks:
So polite. Good mannered. Always thanking fans...
What else...
Pouty lips...xD
I was one of the people who contributed to the 1000 comments post...LOL.

Another long entry...comment please xD


abartiges_kind wrote:
Jul. 26th, 2007 12:43 pm (UTC)
Gii~ ♥
I actually searched for other Yusuke fans n Lj and stubled over your journal. ♥
I just wanted to leae comment, because no one has done, yet. ._. Thanks for the translation. He's so adorable. ♥

Ah... I want to get to know Yusuke better and I want to see more Dorama with him than Hana Kimi. ^^; Any recs? o_ò?</i>
ai_sweets wrote:
Jul. 27th, 2007 08:35 am (UTC)
Awww...I love your animated avatar!!!! <3
Sorry for replying so late.
I had this big flu for the past few days...and didn't really have the energy to update my LJ.
But anyway, yay I love Yusuke fans!!!
I did exactly the same thing you did, searching for other LJ yusuke fans desparately around LJ..haha. Want to share my fandom with others.
Yep...no one left me a comment for this post and thanks for sympathizing hahaha...(even my LJ frds didn't comment this post...>< *smacks them* jking.)
I'm seriously thinking about whether to continue my translations or not...because basically, every entry was about how is genki, thanking the fans support, and basically repeating similar stuff over and over. Haha.
But, I would continue it if people like you appreciates it xD

Oooo...you want to know Yusuke better.
I suggest you to go youtubing, for keywords type"Kamen Rider Kabuto sasword"...you should find some funny vids on yusuke.

I think its the first jdrama that he took part...I mean, this Kamen Rider Kabuto thingy...he was Kamen Rider Sasword...LOL.

Don't know if you can call it a jdorama, because its something similar to Power rangers...lol.but you get to see yusuke being sarcastic, funny, adorable all at once from episode 14-46...(if i haven't rmb wrong)...

Oh and another Jdorama is Himitsu no Hanazono, haven't watched it yet...but I heard that he received compliments for his acting in there...

And if you're into WAT, do check out "Wat Entertainment Live Show Vol.4" Yusuke also took part in there...because he is under the same agency (evergreen agency) with WaT...I haven't watch this yet...
Still saving moneyyyy ;_;

And apparantly...a lot of random roles in a no. of jdoramas...
(wiki him up~)

Hope this helps~~
abartiges_kind wrote:
Jul. 27th, 2007 12:01 pm (UTC)
Whoa~ thank you for your long reply. *__*; And thanks for all the recs. I will look it all up if I have time again. ^_^
It's okay, you don't need toappologize for being late, ne~ I hope you're fine again. ^_^~

I made this icon right after I saw the last episode of Hana Kimi. I loved this szene so much. ~♥ So I made a screencap of it and this icon right away.

I would definitely appreciate if you'd translate more of his blog. &heart; So, you would have you first regular reader. XD

Ano~ may add you to my f-list... btw.? ^-^;
ai_sweets wrote:
Jul. 27th, 2007 12:42 pm (UTC)
Of course you can add me to ur f-list~~~~xDDD
Cho urreshiii~~~~ <3
I rabu Yusuke fans~

Hahah...I just realize my reply was THAT long.
Hope I didn't hurt ur eyes or anything..haha.

Ohhh yeahhh..epi 4, that was the best scene of that epi!!!
Totally sugoi to be able to make animated avatar...
I wish I know how to make pwetty icons too ;__;

Wow. Seriously, thanks for supporting me to continue the blog translation...~~~
Would probably continue~
abartiges_kind wrote:
Jul. 27th, 2007 12:58 pm (UTC)
Yay! ♥

NO! No! I love long comments. *nods* ♥

You just need the right software and a bit practice. It's not that hard when you have at least alittle confidence in yourself, ne~

Yay again! ♥
ai_sweets wrote:
Jul. 28th, 2007 01:41 pm (UTC)

Thanks for being so supportive~ *huggles*
I'll continue the translation thing.
But I've also thought about summarizing his Myojo articles too...
Wish I can fangurl him 24/7...

Oooo...layouts/icons that kind of stuff...guess I have to wait till next summer to learn all this.
*does a yusuke pout*